AmeriDrug offers food and inhalant allergy testing using the most advanced and sensitive 3gAllergy™ assay. Our services deliver allergen specific IgE results to enhance the quality of care and service provided to your patients.

Our food allergy test detects the most common dietary allergens through a simple blood test, as compared to traditional skin prick testing methods. This test is customizable to your patient's symptoms and can be used to direct early treatment and monitor disease progression/resolution.

Customized by Patient's Geographic Location

Our inhalant allergy test is customized to pollen, trees & weeds found in your patient's geographic location. Most patients presenting with nasal and respiratory symptoms can be tested effectively with 13-18 of the most common inhalant allergens specific to a region. This approach ensures that each profile provides an accurate and convenient method to confirm or exclude possible sources of allergy in your patient. These comprehensive results are accomplished with a simple blood test.

Our Inhalant Allergy test menu includes

  • North West Panel
  • West Panel
  • South West Panel
  • South East Panel
  • South East Panel
  • North East Panel

AmeriDrug Laboratories can provide you with custom-designed services to meet your clinical testing needs.