Histopathological diagnosis of biopsy specimens (AmeriDrug Pathology services).

Cancer Testing

Modern cancer therapy often requires typing of tumor specimens for specific mutations in molecules controlling cancer growth and survival. Using our RT PCR array approach, we can simultaneously identify the most common cancer associated mutations utilizing the same type of material submitted for histopathological examination (paraffin embedded sections). This approach allows rapid and complete tumor molecular characterization.

Histopathogical interpretation of biopsy specimens is an important component of modern health care and contributes greatly to health maintenance by providing opportunity for early therapeutic intervention.

At AmeriDrug, we evaluate tissue biopsy slides and generate comprensive and detailed reports in order to facilitate early therapy and the best patient outcome.  Dr. Gianani, a board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist with fellowship training in surgical pathology, is responsible for AmeriDrug pathology services in conjunction with several other pathology specialists.  

Dr. Gianani is available daily by phone to answer physician’s questions on specific pathology reports.  Upon request, AmeriDrug  pathology services will also serve as a consultation services for external pathologist to provide a second opinion on difficult cases.